BSG geeks, ahoy!!

Just discovered this wonderful gem via the Quantum Mechanix site, based on a design by BSG CG designer, Dustin Adair. Just placed my order for the pre-order. Get in!

In other non-related news, my t-shirt company is coming along slowly but surely. My ecommerce site needs a little more tweaking but i’ve just commissioned a character logo by an English illustrator whose work I love. I decided that I absolutely had to brand myself so people would associate my character icon with the company. I’m also trying to square away the little details like promotional stickers, pins and business cards, not to mention filing my articles of organization. My initial launch will start with 3 t-shirt designs, hopefully by September. This is turning out to be more work than I thought. Not that I assumed it would be easy but there’s always a bump in the road that keeps you from getting things done. God, I hate it when people don’t respond to emails.


Update: So, my ecommerce site is finally done and damn, it’s looking pretty good imo. I shelled out a pretty penny for it but sadly I can’t show it to the world as I don’t have any tees printed up just yet. Yes, i’m being a perfectionist about it but in good time you’ll get to see the end result and buy some of my shit.

On another note, I’m selling off my music collection to help fund my business, so if you’re interested in buying anything from me, check out http://www.discogs.com/user/mech1 and browse my collection. I have over 3000+ titles ranging from downtempo, hip hop, deep funk, soundtracks, idm, house, breakbeat, rock and more. I have a lot of out of print shizzle as well as rare import stuff, so if you see something lemme know and i’ll sort you out.

It’s getting warmer outside, the birds are chirping and the sun is finally starting to rear its head after a dismally cold winter. In in the meantime, i’ve been holed up in the house contemplating my future. It boils down to this – i’ve decided i’m going to get off my dead ass and start my own t-shirt company. Yes! I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel as far as designs go as it will mainly serve as a platform for me to put out t-shirt designs by artists I like; there are no gimmicks or none of this limited edition bullshit and more importantly, I won’t be branding myself like most companies. So, I’ve been slowly accumulating design work from some talented artists, a couple are known, a couple aren’t but i’m hoping their designs will knock your socks off. I still need to worry about having a decent ecommerce site built and then of course there are the astronomical screenprinting costs to consider but it’ll get done soon enough.

In order to stimulate the economy I decided I needed to order that badger brush i’ve been obsessing about for the past month and a half. I wound up buying the style 1 small Rooney badger brush from classicshaving.com for $55 + shipping. Looks like I lucked out and got the last one too. I can’t comment on how well the brush works as I haven’t received it yet, but I’ve read that badger brushes stink like the dickens and need a proper shampooing before use. By all accounts this particular brush should suit me fine though as i’ve read mixed reviews for boar brushes and “pure” badger brushes which tend to have thicker bristles than i’d like. This particular brush is supposed to be a step up from the “pure” brush and just below the “silvertip” brush, although sources say the difference between pure and best is negligible. Now all I need is a fancy shmancy lather bowl and a giant tub of J.M. Fraser’s shaving cream and i’m set.

Looking for that perfect gift for the ultimate Battlestar Galactica geek? Came across this awesome coffee mug lastnight:

Is it Spring yet?

It would appear that Vadim Music has decided to reissue some highly sought after Serge Gainsbourg classics, namely, the La Horse 7″ and the Mister Freedom 7″. I’m not too excited by the Mister Freedom 45 but the La Horse 7″ is a keeper, mainly because it features arrangements by the wonderful Jean-Claude Vannier. An OG copy of La Horse can fetch several thousand dollars as limited numbers were pressed when it was first released. The reissue is apparently a limited/numbered pressing so they’re bound to go fast. Get ’em while they’re hot.


What else? I’m working on some t-shirt designs with the hope of creating my own little store via the internets. I’m inspired by Eric Terry over at Lintyfresh.com for several reasons. He managed to create a successful business by starting with 1 t-shirt design. I think there’s this idea that you have to have a certain number of t-shirts printed before you can actually get off the ground. Not true. I know it doesn’t necessarily work in someone’s favor if you only have 1 design but if it’s something people like you can then build your inventory over time. I also figure there’s enough crap out there in t-shirt world that I at least stand half a chance of selling something, right? I guess the best thing I can do is ignore the critics and go with my instincts. If I crash and burn then so be it.

New t-shirts!

Lastexittonowhere.com have just revamped their website and added 4 new shirts to their line. I have to admit, I really like the Hans Tournament tee from Enter The Dragon. The downside, he’s raised his prices a little which is kind of infuriating, especially during a recession. Either way, i’ll eventually buy more of his tees if I have a spare £18 laying around.